Everyone knows how exciting a close game can be.  Unfortunately, this energy and enthusiasm may result in greater driving dangers for the fans of the winning team.  

In an analysis comparing traffic fatalities with exciting basketball and football games, using both professional and collegiate games, researchers Stacy Wood of North Carolina State University, and Melayne McInnes of the University of South Carolina, were able to conclude that after a close game, fatal car crashes in the winning team's hometown were over 130% higher than when the win was a complete blowout.  Unfortunately, the effect was found wherever the fans were located; both in their hometown and also at the gamesite.

Sadly, the link Wood and McInnes found was that the car accidents were from the winning team's fans, not the losing teams fans.  They hypothesize that increased levels of the hormone testosterone might make winning fans more aggressive, thus leading to more accidents.  Research has shown that sports fans tend to have higher than normal testosterone levels during competitive games, but when their team loses, those levels quickly drop off.  Naturally, if your team wins, those levels will remain elevated.

Wood stated: "Aggression in general could influence a lot of things other than aggressive driving, including speeding and cutting into traffic; it can easily lead to other risky behaviors."

So, what can be done to help alleviate this issue? Many indicate that keeping fans from the winning team in the stadiums to participate in things like getting player autographs, or listening to coaches' post game speeches, can greatly reduce the risk of accidents.  Most importantly though is for fans to understand how a game might effect them.  Taking time to calm down after a big win can help save lives.  

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