Denied Hotel Accident Claim in Myrtle Beach

When a Myrtle Beach visitor stayed in a hotel along the beach, they suffered a slip and fall accident and were seriously injured. The hotel guest was walking down the stairwell and was unaware that the steps were wet because there were no cones or warning.

The guest sought medical treatment and complained of neck pain and had symptoms of a concussion. The accident was reported to the hotel and the guest asked for medical bills to be reimbursed due to their negligence in maintaining the stairwell properly.

The hotel and it's insurance company denied the accident ever happened and refused to pay for the medical treatment needed. When the guest received the denial, they reached out to Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm to handle the claim.

Attorney Kristie Shaw investigated the case and was able to obtain statements from two people at the hotel verifying the legitimacy of the slip and fall claim. One person in a deposition said they saw the accident happen and knew the woman was hurt, while a separate person from the hotel said they had heard about the accident the day it happened.

Because the case was originally denied, The Derrick Law Firm filed suit against the hotel and prepared for trial. The insurance company of the hotel finally agreed to settle for two times the amount of the client's medical bills at mediation.

If you are hurt by the negligence of another, you may have a personal injury claim. Contact Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm for a free consultation. 843-248-7486.

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