Client helps neighbor, gets attacked by dog

A Myrtle Beach client was walking their dog through the neighborhood when they saw an unchained dog attack an elderly neighbor. The client went to the neighbor's aid and then the dog attacked their arms and wrist.

Soon after, the client went to the emergency room to have their injuries checked. The dog was later checked for rabies and fortunately, was up to date on its shots.

After the incident and doctors visits, the client called The Derrick Law Firm to help get medical bills paid for by the homeowner's insurance company. Following a full investigation and evaluation of the medical bills and records, The Derrick Law Firm settled the case. The settlement covered all medical bills and included the client's pain and suffering.

If a person is injured due to the negligence of another, a personal injury claim can often be made. In this case, a neighbor's dog was not secured to the property, either by chain or fence, and was able to attack two passerbys. A medical claim was filed against the homeowner's insurance.

The Derrick Law Firm focuses on personal injury law and has been practice since 1991. If you have an injury claim, contact the Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Attorneys at 843-248-7486.

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