There are over 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injuries per year in the United States. An individual with only a partial spinal cord injury can incur costs of $100,000 a year in expenses for treatment and care. The cost for those with a full injury or paralysis is four times that much. Many of these injuries are the result of negligence on behalf of another. A good attorney can help you file a spinal cord injury claim to help you get the compensation for your medical costs, lost wages and other needs.

What is a spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury results from a traumatic blow to the spine either causing fractures or dislocation of the spinal vertebrae. This also causes bruising and tearing of the spinal cord tissue. In most cases, the spinal cord tissue is not severed, but damage is caused to the axons, the part of nerve cells that carry signals between the brain and the rest of the body.

What are the long term effects of a spinal cord injury?

Victims of a spinal cord injury can experience chronic pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, loss of skin sensation to hot, cold, or pressure which can result in further injury, and increased risk of respiratory and heart problems. Severe injuries can result in permanent paralysis or even death. Damage to the spinal cord can never be reversed, only treated.

What causes a spinal cord injury?

Over 40 percent of all new spinal cord injuries a year are the result of motor vehicle accidents. Other injuries to the spine result from falls, sports injuries, work related accidents, diseases and violence.

What is the treatment for a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries require immediate and continued medical care. Victims may require surgery, long term medication, extensive rest and physical therapy. Injuries such as these require many doctor's office visits and personal care which are both financially and emotionally exhausting.

How To Tell If You Need A Spinal Cord Injury Accident Attorney?

A spinal cord injury accident claim is the legal right a victim has if he or she is injured by the negligence, recklessness, or intentional act of another. It is recommended to always speak with an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer of your choosing following a traumatic spine injury.

Have You Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury?

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