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Derrick Law Firm's Myrtle Beach personal injury law office is conveniently located on HWY 17, across from Broadway at the beach.

Dirk Derrick Helps Horry County Locals and Visitors Hurt in Myrtle Beach Accidents

Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer Dirk Derrick founded Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers in 1991. Born and raised in Horry County, Mr. Derrick serves those who have been seriously injured by the recklessness and negligence of others.

Myrtle Beach is home to beautiful beaches where many families vacation each summer and several motorcycle rallies are held each year. Myrtle Beach is known to be an affordable vacation spot with lots of southern charm and hospitality. 

With the influx of traffic and visitors, accidents occur in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. Derrick Law Firm Injury lawyers help visitors and locals hurt in these accidents by focusing on personal injury cases including, but not limited to, car accidents, boat and jet ski accidents, tractor-trailer truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, workers' compensation claims, wrongful death accidents, and more. 

What Does a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury attorney is a legal professional who represents individuals who have been harmed as a result of someone else's negligence or recklessness. 

Our experienced Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyers work hard to help our clients receive equitable compensation for their injuries. We meticulously gather supporting evidence, negotiate with the opposing party's insurance, appear in court if required, and, most importantly, address our clients' questions so they are comfortable and informed about our legal strategy. 

We represent clients in many different kinds of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident, you deserve to focus on your physical and emotional recovery without the added pressure of dealing with insurance companies and legal claims. The Myrtle Beach car accident attorneys at Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case to determine if another driver's distracted, drowsy, drunk, or otherwise negligent behavior caused your crash. 

Boating and Jet Ski Accidents

Myrtle Beach is an excellent place to enjoy boating and water sports, with 60 miles of sandy ocean coastline, the convergence of the Waccamaw River into the Atlantic, estuary expanses at Murrells Inlet and Little River, and the presence of the Intracoastal Waterway. Unfortunately, a day on the water can result in a serious boat or jet ski accident. Our Myrtle Beach boat accident lawyers will fight for your recovery if the negligence, recklessness, or intentional act of a boat or jet ski owner or operator has hurt you.

Denied or Delayed Insurance Claims

Insurance companies often fight to deny what is owed to you, delay your benefits, or attempt to lower what you should rightly receive. If this has happened to you, Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers may be able to help you. We have over 30 years of experience in bad faith insurance claims and insurance claims litigation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents may involve catastrophic injuries that incur high medical bills and missed time from work. Insurance companies aim to pay the smallest amount possible to those who have been injured instead of paying the full value of the accident claim. If you or a loved one are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident due to another driver's negligence, contact motorcycle accident lawyers at Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers to learn how to protect your rights.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home abuse and neglect are shockingly common. If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home or residential care facility, it is essential to speak with a Myrtle Beach nursing home injury attorney right away. Derrick Law Firm is committed to helping you protect your loved one and fighting for the rights of all nursing home residents to live in safe and secure environments with dignity and respect.

Personal Injury Accidents

personal injury occurs when you are hurt because of the negligence, recklessness, or intentional act of another. Personal injuries can cause you pain and suffering as well as economic losses like lost wages and medical bills. If you are seriously injured due to the fault of another person or the negligence of a business, you may need an experienced Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney to help you. 

Spinal Cord Injury Accidents

Thousands of people suffer spinal cord injuries each year in the United States. Treatment costs can be very high and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses every year. Many of these injuries are the result of someone else's negligence. An experienced Myrtle Beach spinal cord injury attorney can help you file a legal claim and fight for compensation of past and future medical costs, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. 

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Recovery from them can take months or even years, medical bills can accumulate, and the stress on you and your family is enough without worrying about your insurance company. Insurance companies often attempt to lower the amount of money you are rightly owed following an accident. If you have been injured in a tractor-trailer accident in South Carolina, you need an attorney who will look out for your best interests.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as a blow to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain. Signs of a traumatic brain injury include headaches and neck pain that won't go away, difficulty concentrating, and blurred vision, among many other symptoms. Our traumatic brain injury attorneys will work to get you the treatment you need.

Workers' Compensation

Nearly every job carries some risk of being injured on the job. If you are hurt while working, you are entitled to workers' compensation for medical bills, ongoing therapy, and lost wages. Your employer and insurance company may try to lower those benefits or deny your claim, but our experienced Myrtle Beach workers' compensation lawyers will work diligently on your behalf.

Wrongful Death

If the negligent act of another person has killed your loved one, your life has changed drastically. In coping with your loss, the last thing you should be worried about is an insurance company lowering the amount of money you are rightly owed. A wrongful death attorney can help.

Seven Reasons to Choose Our Myrtle Beach Injury Attorneys

You don't have to handle the confusing process of an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit on your own. Instead, you have the right to hire an experienced Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer.

Insurance companies prioritize their bottom line, not your best interests. Adjusters may appear friendly, but their goal is to provide you with the lowest possible settlement so they can maximize their company's profits. Derrick Law Firm personal injury lawyers can advocate on your behalf and negotiate with insurers to try to reach a settlement.

We Can Value Your Claim

Determining the value of your injury claim involves assessing various factors. An experienced Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney will carefully evaluate your case including medical expenses, future medical needs, pain, suffering, lost income, and other damages.

We Can Investigate and Gather Evidence

Establishing fault and presenting a compelling case for compensation can be complicated. You need to provide evidence that the insurer or court finds convincing. Our Myrtle Beach injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate your claim and protect evidence to present on your behalf.

We Can Represent You in Court

If negotiations with the insurance company reach an impasse, your attorney will file a lawsuit and represent you in court. Handling the legal paperwork, preparing you for court proceedings, and presenting evidence on your behalf are essential aspects of this representation.

We Can Meet All Legal Deadlines

South Carolina imposes a three-year statute of limitations on most personal injury claims. If you fail to take action within the required time, your case may be dismissed when you try to file a case in court and you may not recover compensation for your injuries.

Our Testimonials Speak Volumes

Our firm values client satisfaction and positive testimonials on our website and reputable review platforms like Google and Avvo. We have received over 2,500 five-star reviews from clients, community members, and other attorneys. 

We Are Personal Injury Lawyers With Experience Tailored to Your Needs

You wouldn't trust a foot surgeon with heart surgery. We encourage you to use the same reasoning when selecting an attorney for your personal injury case. During our initial consultation, you can learn about our personal injury lawyers and their experience. 

Areas Served By Derrick Law Firm's Myrtle Beach Office

We proudly represent people who live, work, or visit the greater Myrtle Beach area, including in the following areas:

  • Ravenel
  • Folly Beach
  • Goose Creek
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Summerville
  • Isle of Palms
  • Kiawah Island
  • Sullivan's Island
  • Drum Island
  • West Ashley
  • James Island
  • Johns Island
  • Daniel Island
  • Morris Island
  • Wadmalaw Island

Please note that our South Carolina personal injury law firm serves people injured in accidents throughout the state from nine conveniently located offices throughout South Carolina.

Have You Suffered a Personal Injury Due to Negligence in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

If you've been injured due to negligence, you should speak with an experienced South Carolina personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call our Myrtle Beach office directly at 843.488.3165 to schedule your consultation. We are also able to meet clients at our ConwayMurrells InletMt. PleasantNorth Myrtle BeachFlorence, North Charleston, Charleston, or Greenville office locations.

Directions to Our Myrtle Beach Law Office

We welcome your visit to our Myrtle Beach Law Office located at 3203 Church St, Myrtle Beach, SC.

From Wilmington

-Take the US-17 exit toward Shallotte/Myrtle Beach
-Continue onto US-17 S/Ocean Hwy E
-Keep right to continue on US-17 S
-Continue straight onto US-17 S/Ocean Hwy W
-Turn right onto Hickman Rd NW

-Continue onto State Hwy 57 N
-Turn left onto SC-9 S
-Turn right onto the SC-31 ramp to Myrtle Beach/S Strand
-Continue onto SC-31
-Take the exit toward Grissom Pkwy
-Continue onto Robert M Grissom Pkwy

-Keep right onto US-17 S/US-17 BYP SHwy 17 S ramp to Georgetown

-Turn right onto N 33rd Ave

-Turn left onto Church St

-Destination will be on the left

From Charleston

-Take US-17 N/Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge/Septima Clark Pkwy via the ramp to Mt Pleasant
-Keep left to continue on US-17 N
-Slight right onto US-17 N/Church St
-Continue straight onto US-17 N/US Highway 17 Bypass S

-Slight left onto US Highway 17 Bypass S/Hwy 17

-Turn left onto N 33rd Ave

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-Destination will be on the left

From Columbia

-Take the exit onto I-20 E toward Florence
-Take the 141A/I-95 N exit on the left toward Fayetteville
-Merge onto I-95 N
-Take exit 170 to merge onto SC-327 S
-Merge onto SC-327 S
-Turn left onto State Rd S-21-24
-Turn left onto US-301 N/US-76 E
-Keep right to continue on US-76 E
-Continue straight onto SC-576

-Merge onto SC-41 ALT S/S Hwy 501 S

-Continue straight onto US-501 S

-Slight right onto US-17 N/US Highway 17 Bypass S/Hwy 17 N toward North Myrtle Beach

-Turn left onto N 33rd Ave

-Turn left onto Church St

-Destination will be on the left