Our Personal Injury Case Results

While we can’t guarantee a certain outcome for your personal injury case, we find that it is helpful for clients to read about cases we have recently resolved to learn about what they may be able to expect from their case. Whether we settle or litigate, we are always looking for the best possible settlement for you. We take all kinds of personal injury cases and are happy to share the details of how we represented a client and what the outcome of the case was. We may not always be free to disclose dollar amounts, but we can give information about the evidence we collected, whether we settled or litigated, and whether our clients were satisfied with the outcome.

Disclaimer:  Please understand the cases below are just examples of our results since opening in 1991.  Every case is different.  Whether a case is successful and its value is determined by numerous factors.  If you have a case, I guarantee you that the facts, the circumstances, the people involved, the damages, etc... are not exactly like any of these cases.  Therefore, please understand, these cases do not and cannot guarantee the same result for your case.