It can be hard to know where to turn when you are looking for reliable information about pursuing a personal injury claim in South Carolina.

You may be wondering whether you should accept the insurance company’s settlement offer or hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. The Derrick Law Firm's website has many informative articles regarding many of the questions you may have about your claim. 

We offer articles on a wide range of subjects from the personal injury legal process to workers' compensation questions and beyond. Browse our free legal library to learn more about car, truck, and motorcycle accidents—as well as other kinds of personal injury claims—in South Carolina.

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  • Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer If you have been injured in Myrtle Beach, you may not know what to do next. Whether it was a slip and fall, car accident, or dog bite, call 843-248-7486 today.
  • The Biggest Mistakes Made by an Injured Victim An experienced personal injury attorney will be capable of handling many aspects unique to each case. The goal is to help the victim avoid these mistakes.
  • Debunking the Myths About Lawsuits Drug, oil, and insurance companies have spent millions of dollars to generate myths about how lawsuits are out of control and responsible for all of America‚Äôs ills. The facts tell a much different story.
  • How will a Personal Injury Attorney Will Help My Case An experienced personal injury attorney will be capable of handling many aspects unique to your case in order to help you get the best outcome as possible.
  • How to Pick the Right Attorney Derrick Law Firm specializes in Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Workers' Compensation. If we do not handle what you need, we will try to lead you to an attorney based upon the factors described in this article.
  • What is a Personal Injury Claim? This article describes a personal injury claim, negligence and recklessness to help you define your injury and legal rights.