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Our attorneys share their knowledge of personal injury law and specific case outcomes in this legal blog.

Read our posts to learn more about what to do when you have been injured by another person’s negligence, whether in a car or boat accident or on the job. We provide the details you need to better understand your situation following a serious accident. We strive to offer topics of interest to anyone looking to learn more about their rights as an injured victim and how the legal process can help them seek justice.

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  • Bad Faith Insurance Claim Resolved for Client A client needed to utilize his underinsured motorist insurance policy but the insurance company failed to acknowledge he had the coverage.
  • Allstate Reduces Amount Per Claim for Consumers We have insurance for everything- our home, car, medical, etc... We believe that our insurance companies will act in good faith if something happens and we need help. How would you feel if you knew your insurance provider relied on a system to give you less than you deserve for your claims?
  • Insurance Company Ordered to Homeowner $8 Million A jury has awarded an elderly Hollywood Hills man $8 million in damages after the firm failed to honor his $220,000 policy after his home was destroyed.