A Conway man was riding his bicycle when a negligent driver backed out of a driveway causing the man to run into the back of the van. The accident happened on a dirt road near Johnson Shelley Rd and Old Irish Rd in Conway, SC.

When the man hit the van, he flipped over his bicycle and seriously injured the left side of his body. Injuries from the crash included left elbow, left knee, left shoulder, left rib, and left forearm pains. It was determined that the man had fractured his wrist and sustained a tear in his rotator cuff. His doctor believes he will eventually need surgery to repair the rotator cuff tear and gave him a 1% impairment rating to his shoulder.

After evaluation of his medical records and future issues caused by the accident, Attorney Kevin Mulet demanded and received the full policy limits of the liability insurance policy. An underinsured motorist insurance (UIM) policy demand will also go out to cover the remainder of his damages.

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