Myrtle Beach Massage Therapist Injured While Working at Resort

An employee worked as a massage therapist at a Myrtle Beach resort. While working, the employee developed severe pain in the neck, arms, and wrists and attempted to file a workers' compensation claim. After failed attempts of getting medical treatment covered through the employer, the employee reached out to Myrtle Beach Workers' Compensation Attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm to help with the case.

Normally, filing the initial claim would be fairly simple for an injured worker. This case provided several challenges to that because there was a discrepancy of who the employer actually was in regards to filing a claim. Was it the resort? Was it the business operating within the resort?

The Derrick Law Firm worked tirelessly to track down the employer and was able to prove the employee's injuries related to nerve damage arose out of, and in the course of, employment.

The case was settled for $42,500.

If you are hurt at work and need medical care, you may need an experienced Myrtle Beach Workers' Compensation Lawyer to handle your case and protect your interests. Contact The Derrick Law Firm for a free consultation today. 843-248-7486.

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