Back to School Safety: Watch out for the big yellow bus!

With South Carolina schools starting back very soon, it is important to watch out for children walking, buses stopping, and more traffic on the roads.

While riding a school bus is considered one of the safest ways for children to be taken to school, negligent drivers could cause an accident and potentially cause harm.

Some ways you can be extra careful when driving near a school bus include the following:

  • Follow the bus further back to allow for plenty of time to stop when the bus's yellow lights start flashing. It is best to give more space for a bus than you would a car.
  • Never pass a school bus when it is stopped. Children may be loading onto or unloading from the bus.
  • If a school bus has yellow or red flashing lights, and the stop arm is extended, you and other traffic MUST stop.
  • Remember to leave enough space between your vehicle and the school bus to allow children safe passage to their home or stop.
  • Be alert. Children are not always predictable and may run out in front of your vehicle.

Many factors play a role in an accident but being aware of your surroundings and limiting distractions are key to safe driving.

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