Do's and Don'ts of Safe Driving Habits

If we think back to when we are studying for our permit to drive and then getting the actual license, we all made sure to know the traffic laws and practice good driving habits.

As we all get more comfortable with our vehicles, we tend to become lax on those good driving habits and introduce distractions like talking on our phone, eating, or changing the radio back and forth.

Those distractions among other habits can lead us to having accidents and troubles with our cars.

Below are some helpful do's and don'ts of driving to keep you and others safe while on the road:


1. Wear your seat belt: It is against the law in many states to ride in a vehicle without wearing a seatbelt because it provides security to passengers in the event of an accident. Seatbelts can protect you from being thrown around the inside of a vehicle as well as being thrown out of the vehicle.

For young passengers, the likelihood of death increases dramatically when not wearing a seatbelt in a crash.

2. Exercise caution in bad weather: Many drivers attempt to drive through inclement weather and at the same speeds they would travel in beautiful, clear weather.

If you are not an experienced driver in weather like heavy rain, snow or ice, delegate the driving to someone who is, or wait until the weather clears.

3. Maintain your vehicle: It is important to maintain your car to keep you and others safe but also to extend the life of the car.

Be sure to keep your car or truck regularly inspected and get problems resolved quickly.


Do Not's:

1. Do not drive under the influence: This includes drinking as well as being on medication or other drugs that can influence your reaction times while driving.

While under the influence, your coordination and reactions are slowed, your vision can become blurred, and you are more likely to make foolish decisions. Take a cab, or find an uber or lyft to get you to your destination safely.

2. Do not speed: This seems simple enough but drivers push the limits of how quickly they can get to their destination by going over the speed limit. With each mile per hour over the speed limit, a driver's chance of an accident increases.

3. Do not text and drive: To limit your distractions, put your phone out of reach while driving. Texting or getting on social media, etc... take your eyes off the road and reduce your reaction time. It can wait. #textlater

4. Do not drive drowsy: Driving drowsy has proven to be similar to driving under the influence in recent studies. By not getting the recommended seven hours of sleep, your chances of getting into an accident nearly double.

If you are not well rested, take a break and sleep before getting back on the road.

Hopefully you and other drivers will follow safe driving habits and reduce the amount of accidents along the roadways. If you are driving through South Carolina and are seriously injured by the recklessness of another driver, you may need legal help to get medical treatment and your medical bills paid. Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm have over 29 years of experience in personal injury including auto accidents, slip and falls, workers' comp, and insurance claims.

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