A man who was driving a Toyota Camry, claims the car accelerated uncontrollably into the rear end of an Oldsmobile back in 2006, killing three, is now filing suit against Toyota.

In June of 2006, Koua Fong Lee was driving his family home from church when he crashed into the back of another vehicle. As he was exiting the freeway, he claims his car sped up to about 75mph without his doing, and ran into the Oldsmobile that was stopped at an intersection . Two passengers in the Oldsmobile were killed from the impact, one later passed away, and other passengers were injured. 

The passengers killed in the Oldsmobile were Javis Trice-Adams, Sr., Trice-Adams's 9 year old son, and his 6 year old niece, Devyn Bolton, who was left paralyzed and passed away a year later. 

After the accident, there was not enough proof to show that the Camry's breaks failed and the car accelerated on its own, and Mr. Lee was sent to prison for the deaths of the passengers in the Oldsmobile.

Two and a half years later, Lee was released from prison on supporting evidence that Camrys across the nation were showing similar issues of mysteriously accelerating. Lee's attorneys were able to use the surge of reports to reopen his case. Toyota still denies this was related to Lee incident and insists he pushed the gas instead of the breaks.

A U.S. District Attorney has denied Lee's claim for damages stemming from his time in prison and instead will be focusing on damages for the surviving family members who say they are still suffering. Lee and passengers in his car are also asking for damages for mental and physical harm.

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