Your teenager has studied and passed her driving test and is ready to hit the open road- after you purchase insurance coverage for her that is!

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Studies show that adding your teen to your policy can increase your premium on an average of 88%. According to AAA, teenage drivers are more likely to get in an accident, therefore premiums will be higher to cover those costs.

Car insurance companies have a formula they use to calculate these costs based on zip code and age. Unfortunately South Carolina, and Horry County more specifically, have some of the highest prices for teen drivers.

This is based on how well the road and cities are equipped to deal with the massive influx of tourists throughout the year. Horry County roads are not designed to handle the amount of people who travel them. The county is also in a hurricane zone and South Carolina has a high under-insured and uninsured driver rate. 

To keep costs down, drivers should search multiple companies for the best deal as well as have your teen take a Driver's Education course. Driver's Ed along with having an A's and B's report card can give significant discounts!

So shop around, enourage your teen to do well in school, and have them take a certified driver's education course to reduce your insurance premiums!

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