The South Carolina Press Association is hosting a statewide essay and video contest for high school students, called It Can Wait, that encourages drivers to never text while driving.

Over 100,000 accidents occur a year that involve texting while driving. Many of these accidents cause life-changing injuries as well as deaths.

According to the SCPA, texting drivers are 23 times more likely to crash and even though it is illegal to text and drive, 43% of teenagers admit to texting while driving.

This contest is to challenge South Carolina high school students to write an essay or produce a video showcasing the dangers of texting while driving and encouraging others to take the pledge to never text and drive at

Deadline to submit to local newspapers is October 13. The Sun News, Horry County's local paper,  will then submit their winner to the SCPA who will select a statewide winner for the essay as well as the video. The essay winner will receive $500 and the video winner will receive $250. Winners will also be honored in either Columbia or in their local community with a luncheon presentation.

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