Better Protection for Workers May be a Reality

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If you are hurt on the job, you may file a claim with Worker's Compensation to receive medical treatment for your injuries. Worker's Compensation also may begin to pay you a partial paycheck in the event you cannot work. While this system has helped many worker's over the years, some South Carolina legislators feel another option may be better for employees.

The program that is being looked at now by the SC legislature is called the South Carolina Injury Benefit Plan Alternative. South Carolina is the 4th state to consider an opt-out policy for worker's compensation. 

Employers can choose to provide an alternative benefit plan instead of traditional worker's compensation insurance. The alternate plan would require minimum equivilants to the current state worker's compensation plan. 

SC Representative David Hiott (Republican) introduced the bill and stated that "markets operate best and participants receive the most benefit possible when competition exists...The (bill) will also require high benefits levels, which is a win for hardworking South Carolina workers."

The bill shows that total disability benefits must be at least 75% of a worker's paycheck and no less than $75. Other points of the bill include benefits for medical services and disfigurements as well as a death benefits for someone who dies on the job from an accident or within two years of an accident on the job.​

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