Conway Car Accident Puts Client in Coma from Head Injury

In 2017, a client came to The Derrick Law Firm after he was seriously injured as a passenger in a car accident in Conway, SC.

Our client needed an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer after the car he was riding in was hit on the passenger side. The driver of the vehicle our client was in, contributed to the accident when they failed to yield the right of way and the other car t-boned the vehicle.

This accident occurred on Cates Bay Highway in Conway, South Carolina.

After the accident, our client was transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center due to his loss of consciousness and severe lacerations. Our client experienced seizures, a rib fracture, lacerations to the hand, and was placed in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit for 3 days. It was also noted that the man had an altered mental status due to the traumatic brain injury.

Because of these serious injuries and high medical bills, our client came to The Derrick Law Firm. Accident Attorney Kevin Mulet and staff investigated the accident and collected all of our client's medical records and bills pertaining to the accident. After a full evaluation of the case, Attorney Mulet sent a demand to the liability insurance company for the full policy limits.

The liability insurance company settled for the full policy amount. Because the medical bills of our client exceeded the amount of money available through the liability insurance policy, Attorney Mulet also made a demand for our client's Underinsured Motorist Insurance coverage. 

Our client settled their claim for the full policy limits of both the liability insurance and the underinsured motorists insurance policies. The case settled for all insurance money available at $50,000.

Have You Been Injured In A South Carolina Area Car Accident?

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