Over 20 Years of Driver Assistance in South Carolina

The State Highway Emergency Program of South Carolina has been in existance for 20 years. SC is celebrating its anniversary and acknowledging how helpful the program has been to hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

Over the 20 year period, the SHEP has helped over 771,000 people with things such as minor accidents, a flat tire, or maybe someone that has run out of gas. The recognizable blue trucks with amber lights have basic equipment that can help drivers who may be temporarily broken down as well.

By helping travelers with these minor issues and moving their vehicles off the highway, traffic does not become as big of an issue in heavily populated areas. According to the SCDOT, every minute of delay on the interstate causes six minutes of additional travel time for drivers. SHEP also helps prevent secondary accidents because cars with issues are moved to safer locations.

Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas also recognize the need for SHEP and local drivers are sure to see the blue trucks along Highways 22, 501, and 31.

If you are in a minor accident or need help for a flat tire, you can get ahold of SHEP by calling *HP. If you are seriously injured in an accident by the recklessness of another, you may need a Myrtle Beach Car Accident Attorney. With over 28 years experience and voted Best Attorney for the Myrtle Beach and Conway area, Attorney Dirk J Derrick has the expertise and experience needed to get you the benefits you need. Call for your free consultation at 843-248-7486.

The Derrick Law Firm has offices located in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Conway, Charleston, North Charleston, and Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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