Proving Your Claim to Receive Fair Compensation

Proving your third-party claim against a liquor license holder or a social host in order to receive fair compensation for your damages is likely to be a complex process requiring the services of an experienced dram-shop lawyer familiar with dram-shop liability claims.

Showing Proximate Cause

You must prove that the drunk driver’s alcohol consumption directly caused the accident that damaged you. This is best done by documenting the driver’s blood-alcohol content (BAC), which should be tested by law enforcement immediately after the crash. Anyone with a BAC above 0.08% is legally intoxicated and subject to a DUI conviction. A driver under 21 with a BAC over 0.02% can be convicted of underage DUI. Your lawyer can obtain the records needed for such documentation.

Gathering Evidence of a Social Host’s Liability

If your accident was caused by a minor who was served alcohol at a private event, you must prove this happened. If the drunk driver was an adult who was sold alcohol by a social host, you must show evidence that money was exchanged. If the driver was under 21, you must prove that they were given drinks or permitted to drink by the social host. Proving liability in either case generally involves interviewing or deposing the host and guests who were at the event as well as gathering other relevant evidence.

While you’re focused on recovering from your injuries, your attorney can work to prove the liability of the social host, determine both defendants’ respective percentages of fault, help you file the appropriate insurance claims, and negotiate for fair compensation. If a reasonable settlement is not offered out of court, your lawyer can file lawsuits against one or both defendants and fight for you at trial.

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