Urgent Care

If your injuries are not catastrophic or if you have no symptoms yet, you can probably get into an urgent care facility quickly. There, you can get a diagnosis, basic treatment, and documentation of your condition while waiting for an appointment with your primary doctor or a specialist.

Primary Doctor

If you don’t have obvious injuries right away, you should seek treatment with your primary care doctor as soon as possible. There, you will get a thorough exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan. If you explain that you have been in an accident, you might be able to get an emergency appointment quickly with your own doctor or someone in their office.


An urgent care facility or your primary doctor might refer you to a specialist for treatment of your specific injuries. If this happens, you should make an appointment with the specialist as soon as possible.

Wherever You Go, Be a Good Patient

Wherever you receive treatment, it’s very important to follow all the doctor’s advice and treatment guidelines to the letter. Keep all your appointments and follow up on all referrals to specialists or physical therapists. Take all medication exactly as prescribed and keep receipts and documentation of all your treatments to strengthen your insurance claim.

When You Will Probably Need a Lawyer 

Because truck crash injuries often result in high medical bills and significant lost income, they are expensive for the at-fault party’s insurer, which will look for ways to delay, devalue, or deny your claim. An experienced truck crash attorney knows how to:

  • Counter these tactics and move your case along for a timely resolution
  • Use your medical documentation to prove your injuries resulted from the crash
  • Investigate your wreck to establish clear liability
  • Identify all liable parties in the crash and determine their respective percentages of fault
  • Evaluate your case, put a dollar amount on your pain and suffering, and demand fair compensation from multiple defendants
  • File lawsuits and seek a fair award in court if reasonable settlements are not offered

Have You Been Injured in a Florence, South Carolina, Truck Accident?

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