Large trucks are a common sight on streets, roads, and highways in the Myrtle Beach area. Although these trucks are crucial to ensure that consumer goods and essential supplies get to South Carolina residents, they’re also frequently involved in major collisions. According to South Carolina’s traffic fact sheet, more than 1,000 injuries and 65 fatalities occurred in tractor trailer crashes across the state in 2017. Truck accidents often result in
devastating physical injuries and damage to property that may put you out of work for a lengthy period of time.Myrtle Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Derrick Law Firm
If you were injured in a truck or tractor trailer collision, it's important to know who’s liable, so you can make your next move. In particular, keep in mind that the driver alone may not bear all the responsibility for your damages. There may be another liable party: the trucking company.
Because its responsible for the actions of its employees, the trucking company who hired the driver may also be at fault for the accident and owe you damages. With the aid of an experienced Myrtle Beach truck accident attorney, you may be able to seek compensation from a truck company in addition to the negligent driver.

How a Trucking Company May Be Liable for Your Accident

Cargo trucks such as 18-wheeler big rigs or other types of tractor trailers can cause catastrophic crashes. Their significant size creates large blind spots, so they can’t see other vehicles well. They also have a tendency to tip over, which is a recipe for a collision when combined with a negligent driver or negligent company behavior.
In South Carolina, the trucking company who hired the driver can be found responsible for negligent hiring, training, supervision, entrustment, retention, and maintenance. Both the truck driver and the trucking company may be liable for the accident that caused your injury, which is why you need legal representation to help you receive full and fair compensation. A skilled South Carolina truck accident attorney can help you gather evidence to show liability due to:
Negligent hiring by failing to perform a background check or confirm driving qualifications
Negligent training by failing to teach safe driving practices and ensure the driver knows state traffic laws
Negligent supervision by ignoring logbook violations or allowing drivers to exceed maximum drive hours
Negligent retention by refusing to discipline or fire drivers with frequent dangerous driving incidents
Negligent entrustment by allowing unqualified, improperly trained, or even medically impaired drivers to utilize a tractor trailer
Negligent maintenance by failing to repair and maintain the tractor trailer involved in your collision
A trucking company may be held responsible for your accident if it didn’t have proper policies in place to handle these issues or if it had them but chose to ignore them.

Frequent Myrtle Beach Truck Accident Causes

When dealing with a truck accident, both insurance providers and the trucking company involved will often seek to put the blame solely on the other driver to avoid paying compensation.
A skilled truck injury attorney can utilize trucking professionals and gather evidence to show possible factors in the crash:
Truck driver fatigue 
Excessive speed 
Traffic violations such as failing to maintain a proper distance from another vehicle
Drunk or impaired driving  
Inadequate training
Mechanical and/or maintenance problems with the truck
Cargo shifting or improper loading 
Any of these common Myrtle Beach truck accident causes could be due to negligent behavior on the part of the driver’s employer.

Have You Been Injured In A South Carolina Area Truck Accident?

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