South Carolina Personal Injury Law Articles

It can be hard to know where to turn when you are looking for reliable information about pursuing a personal injury claim in South Carolina. You may be wondering whether you should accept the insurance company’s settlement offer or hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Our researched informative articles will help you with this decisions-making process. We offer articles on a wide range of subjects from the personal injury legal process to how to avoid a devastating accident to begin with. Browse our free legal library to learn more about car, truck, and motorcycle accidents—as well as other kinds of personal injury claims—in South Carolina.

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  • Cost of Speeding-related Crashes Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. The economic cost to society of speeding-related crashes is estimated by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to be $40.4 billion per year. In 2008, speeding was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes, and 11,674 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes.
  • How safe is a motorcycle? Motorcycle fatalities represent approximately 11 percent of all highway fatalities each year, yet motorcycles represent approximately 3 percent of all registered vehicles in the United States. One of the main reasons motorcyclists are killed in crashes is because the motorcycle itself provides virtually no protection in a crash. For example, approximately 80 percent of reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death; a comparable figure for automobiles is about 20 percent.
  • How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers The NHTSA offers helpful advice on how to deal with aggressive drivers in order to protect your and your passengers' safety.
  • Florence Truck Accident Attorney - Horry County Truck Accident Lawyer The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) to examine the reasons for serious crashes involving large trucks (trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000 pounds). From the 120,000 large truck crashes that occurred between April 2001 and December 2003, a nationally representative sample was selected. Each crash in the LTCCS sample involved at least one large truck and resulted in a fatality or injury. The total LTCCS sample of 963 crashes involved 1,123 large trucks and 959 motor vehicles that were not large trucks. The 963 crashes resulted in 249 fatalities and 1,654 injuries. Of the 1,123 large trucks in the sample, 77 percent were tractors pulling a single semi-trailer, and 5 percent were trucks carrying hazardous materials. Of the 963 crashes in the sample, 73 percent involved a large truck colliding with at least one other vehicle. If you have been involved in an accident involving a truck, call Dirk J. Derrick and The Derrick Law Firm. Serving Horry, Florence and Dillon Counties. 843-248-7486
  • Can my insurance company cancel my plan Insurance companies can cancel an individual's insurance when they need it most -- when they become seriously ill.
  • Can the insurance company cancel my insurance? Insurance companies can document your phone calls and later treat them as a claim.
  • What can you do to protect yourself against insurance company What you can do to protect yourself from insurance company tactics: appealing a denial, putting everything in writing, and not giving up.
  • How Can Insurance Companies Deny Claims Summary of the tactics used by insurance companies to deny and delay claims to increase their own profits.
  • Can my Insurance Company Deny My Claim Insurance companies can deny or delay claims long enough knowing the claimant will eventually give up.
  • How Insurance Companies Confuse Consumers Insurance companies can convince customers that the policy they are buying covers everything, but when a claim is made can claim that nothing is covered.