Automatic Braking Reduces Rear-End Collisions Risk

Researchers for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluated several car brands that offer automatic braking or front collision warning features on their vehicles.

The study proved that cars equipped with either feature reduced the likelihood of rear-end collisions. For those cars with automatic braking, the reduced risk was at 40% while the warning feature reduces the risk by 23%.

Acura, Honda, Merecedes, Subaru, and Volvo vehicles were included in the study. While these options are fairly costly, as techonology improves and becomes more widespread, it should become more affordable for those who want to add the features.

While many newer vehicles are being sold with the braking or warning features, there are lots of cars on the road without the extra help. If you are rear-ended or hit by another car in an accident and sustain serious injuries, call Myrtle Beach Car Accident Attorney Dirk Derrick of the Derrick Law Firm. With over 28 years of experience, the Derrick Law Firm will work to get you the benefits you need. Call today for your free consultation, 843-248-7486.

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