What to do When You Are Involved in an Accident Resulting in Death or Injury

Dirk J. Derrick
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South Carolina Lawyer Dirk Derrick helps victims recover from car accidents, personal injury & wrongful death.

No one expects that when they leave their house, they will be involved in a car accident. They especially do not expect to be the one to hit another vehicle, injure, or possibly even kill someone.

If you are involved in an accident there are several things you are required to do by law. The South Carolina Code says a driver must immediately stop at the scene of the accident. He must return and remain at the scene until he has fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Must give name, address, and registration number of the vehicle.
  2. If asked to see his license, the driver must show his identification to the injured party.
  3. Must offer reasonable assistance to help the injured person(s), including making arrangements to carry or have the injured party carried to the hospital via EMS.

While we hope to never encounter these situations, car accidents happen everyday. If you are involved in one, follow the South Carolina Code regarding your accident. If you or your loved one are the victim of an accident and are seriously injured or killed, you may need an attorney to help you get the benefits you need.

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