When a careless driver causes an accident that injures you or someone you love, it’s understandable to feel upset and frustrated. Then, when you follow all the rules and an insurance company denies your claim to treat those injuries or repair any damaged property, the situation can feel overwhelming. Insurance companies exist to protect people in just these circumstances, and when they fail to uphold their end of the deal, many accident victims simply aren’t sure what to do next. That’s when an experienced Myrtle Beach attorney may be able to help. A lawyer has been down this road with accident victims before, and he can help identify insurance tactics and continue to pursue the compensation you need and deserve. How attorneys help with a denied insurance claim Derrick Law Firm

When Your Myrtle Beach Claim Is Denied

Insurance companies are like any other business, and their goal is to make their company as much money as possible. Saving money by denying and delaying claims are ways to try to meet this end. However, when legitimate claims are denied, accident victims deserve some recourse. An attorney can help accident victims fight for their claim by:

Reviewing The Claim 

It’s possible that legitimate mistakes are made with insurance claims. An attorney can carefully review your claim and the insurance company’s reason for denial to ensure that all the information is accurate and all the appropriate forms were filed. Pointing out a simple but hard to find error may be all it takes.

Providing Additional Information 

In some cases, further information might be necessary to prove a victim’s eligibility for care and compensation. An experienced attorney can find the right documents or locate the proper witnesses. This added information may make the difference in getting an approval or a denial.

Appealing The Decision 

Insurance companies have some type of system to appeal policy decisions. While they may not make it very clear or very easy, there is a route to request an official review.

Additionally, an attorney can ease the burden on victims and their families by taking over the frustrating back and forth with the insurance company. Obtaining the compensation you deserve from an insurance company denying that claim can be a battle. These companies routinely deny and delay claims in hopes that injury victims will simply give up and go away. An experienced attorney, however, will act as a persistent, vocal advocate for a victim’s rights and help give victims the ability to focus on what really matters—recovering and getting on with their lives.

Insurance Companies and Their Duty to Act in Good Faith

When people are injured in an accident, they should be able to count on insurance to provide the care and compensation that has been promised. Insurance companies in the U.S. are bound by a duty to act in good faith. This means, they enter contracts with their clients in a sincere and honest manner, and they promise and intend to provide compensation in the event of an accident, as long as the client pays the policy premium in return. When the insurance company refuses to uphold its end of the agreement even though all the requirements have been met, this could be considered acting in bad faith, which is against the law. Insurance companies can be held responsible for this behavior and be made to provide the compensation they owe victims.

Have You Been Denied An Insurance Claim? Is Insurance Delaying Your Payment?

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