Workers' Compensation Accidents

            If you are injured as the result of an accident on the job in South Carolina, your injuries may be compensable under law and/or judicial rulings.

            For a worker to be paid for an injury in SC, the law says that the injury must be one that comes from an accident and not from a disease or illness except those that are “naturally and unavoidable from the accident and except such [occupational] diseases.”

             At times, an injury may become an issue if the cause of the injury was not accidental. There are also special rules regarding some injuries like “strokes, hernias, and mental injuries.”

            While there are many questions regarding accidents that happen on the job, there are laws, judicial rulings, and the Workers’ Compensation Commission that determine whether an injury is compensable or not.

            If you are seriously injured on the job, contact Myrtle Beach Attorney Dirk Derrick of The Derrick Law Firm for your free consultation. Mr. Derrick has been serving the Grand Strand for over 25 years and will work to get you the benefits you need. 843-248-7486

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