Train Hits Car; Man Cited for Stopping on Tracks

Posted on Aug 01, 2011

A Charleston man was cited by police for stopping on the railroad tracks after his Jeep was struck by an oncoming train Saturday night. John Arthell Davis was ejected from his car Saturday night at the intersection of Highway 52 and Redbank Road. Three other vehicles were also involved in the accident. A witness say that the traffic signal turned green and three cars made it across the tracks before the crossing arms started to come down. Davis' Jeep was stuck on the tracks after the cars in front of him were unable to move forward. After the train hit the Jeep, the Jeep spun around and hit an Oldsmobile, a Ford Focus, and a Toyota Highlander.

There is still some confusion as to whether or not the traffic signal was acutally green before the accident. The driver of the Jeep was taken to the hospital for several lacerations. Police continue to investigate this accident.

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