Your insurance company can choose the doctor for you to see as long as they are providing the necessary and appropriate treatment for your injury. You are entitled to free medical treatment for injury and to have your prescription filled for free.

4. Mileage

You are entitled to be paid for mileage in attending doctor’s appointments located further than five miles from your home.

5. Permanent Total Disability or Permanent Partial Disability Once You Have Reached Maximum Medical Improvement

When you are released from your treating physician, you may be entitled to permanent partial disability or total disability if you have permanent impairment or disability from your work-related injury.  

Lawyers are usually contacted and retained because an insurance company is either denying the claim completely or is failing to provide one of the benefits in which a worker is entitled.

Workers who are most susceptible to be taken advantage of are those who are receiving some benefits but do not realize they are not receiving the full benefits to which they are entitled.  

This happens when an insurance company sets the average weekly wage and the compensation rate lower than it is supposed to be because they fail to take into consideration overtime, bonuses and other benefits like second jobs held by the injured employee.

This can also happen when an insurance company tries to settle the permanent portion of an injured worker's claim for an amount less than what he/she is entitled to. Often this is because insurance companies use a doctor's impairment rating as the guideline as what should be paid which is different from the disability rating as determined by worker's compensation law. 

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