The Top 10 Things You Should Do After an Accident

The Top 10 Things to do after a car wreck, truck accident, motorcycle crash 
or a personal injury of any kind are:

1. Call 911 to report the accident and get medical help.

2. Get examined by EMS if you are hurt.

3. If anyone claims to be a witness, ask them to talk with and
    leave name and number with the investigating trooper or

4. If you are injured, go get checked out at the hospital.

5. You will get an FR-10 report from the trooper, take it to
    your insurance company.

6. Unless you understand auto insurance coverages and how
    they work with other coverages, contact an experience
    insurance/accident attorney to make sure you don’t waive
    valuable benefits. The Derrick Law Firm provides a free
    service of looking at your insurance policy and advising 
    you regarding your coverages)

7. If you are hurt, seek follow up medical care who has
    experience in treating your type of injuries.

8. Don’t go to a doctor arranged by a law firm. Some
    attorneys send clients to certain doctors. We don’t. A
    doctor who is working for a law firm has very little
    credibility with insurance companies or in court.

9. Be completely honest with everyone who treats your
    injuries. Let them know of any and all existing problems
    you had, everything; Let them know how the wreck 
    occurred and each and every problem you have due to the
    wreck. Make sure you report everything, even if it is   a
    minor problem at the time. Additionally, be completely
    honest about the degree of your pain and limitations.

10. Order "The Truth About Your South Carolina Injury Claim"
      from before signing medical release or Release
      and before giving a recorded statement.