Biggest Mistakes made by Injured Victims

Biggest Mistakes Made by Injured Victims:

1.  Not being evaluated by EMS if you are injured to any extent.

2.  Not seeking medical attention at the Emergency Room immediately after the wreck if you are hurt.

3.  Not being totally honest with doctors regarding past medical history. Tell them everything!

4.  Playing tough and not telling troopers, EMS personnel and doctors each and every location of pain.

5.  Talking with your doctor about legal stuff, instead of focusing only on the medical part;

6.  Not keeping all medical appointments;

7.  Only talking about the worse symptoms and keeping quiet regarding other symptoms;

8.  Not telling doctors about inability or limitation in working and
 not getting a work release if needed;

9.  Not doing exactly what the doctor says to do;

10.  Stopping medical treatment without doctor's consent;.

11.  Not treating emotional injuries if they arise after the accident; Pain and disability can  cause depression and anxiety,  if you experience symptoms tell your doctor.

12.  Not Consulting with  an experienced personal injury attorney about your case if you are injured. Be totally
 honest with him concerning the accident, your Injuries and any prior medical problems you had prior to the wreck.

13.  Thinking Insurance Adjusters are looking out for your family’s best interest.