Myrtle Beach is home to many motorcycle events throughout the year. Warm weather and long stretches of highway make the beaches even more appealing to bikers.

There are spring and fall bike rallies that bring thousands of visitors to the Grand Strand each year. The south end of Myrtle Beach typically plays host to the Harley Davidson rallies while Atlantic Beach on the north end, hosts the Memorial Weekend Bike Festival.

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Motorcycle rallies are a lot of fun, but the excess of people on roads ultimately result in mistakes being made and accidents occurring.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that 4,976 people died in motorcycle wrecks in 2015. That is an 8.3% increase from the fatalities reported in 2014.

What are the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents?

There are many things that can contribute to a motorcycle accident and serious injuries. Instances of inexperienced drivers in high traffic areas often see riders who simply cannot manage their bike like veteran riders.

Also, those driving cars often do not see motorcycles until the last minute. Distracted driving by both car drivers and bike riders end up in an accident. Many accidents happen in the congested areas of Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach as well as points along Highway 17. While motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere, it is best to use caution and limit distractions when riding through traffic heavy points of the city.

People come to the beach to have fun and some choose to drink while out and about on vacation. Drinking and driving is the biggest mistake to make before riding a motorcycle or getting into your car. This is one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents across the board despite various ways to get home safely after having a few drinks (Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc...)

If you like to ride motorcycles and want to avoid other mistakes that cause accidents, you may find more information at "How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents."

What should I do if I’m in a motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach?

If you are in a motorcycle accident in the Myrtle Beach area, the first thing you should do is call 911 to report the accident and if there are injuries, get medical help for those involved.

In the event you are injured, allow EMS to examine your injuries. If needed, visit the hospital or your doctor to evaluate the extent of your injuries and be sure to list all body parts that are in pain so they may treat you appropriately.

You will also want to gather the names and phone numbers of any witnesses that stop at the scene and give that information to the officer that arrives on scene.

For a full list of things to do after a motorcycle accident, visit “The Top 10 Things You Should Do After an Accident.”

Do I need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Myrtle Beach?

Needing an attorney depends on each individual situation and you can contact Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers for a consultation.

If you were in a motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas, sustained some serious injuries and need medical treatment, you need an experienced accident attorney to get you the benefits you need.

Myrtle Beach has many people on vacation that are injured in a motorcycle accident and have to see their doctors back home. Even if you live out of state, we recommend you have a Myrtle Beach lawyer to handle your case.


It is very beneficial to speak to someone who can obtain fair value of your case and treat you like family along the way. This is the philosophy of Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers.

What compensation do I get from a motorcycle accident claim?

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident due to another's recklessness or hazardous road conditions, you may claim the damages you incurred as a result of the crash.

This types of things include the following:

  • Doctor and hospital bills
  • Permanent disability and/or scarring
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages from missing work
  • Damages to your motorcycle

While by law, you are entitled to compensation for your losses, the insurance company will try to minimize your injuries and the expenses you have incurred because of the accident. Many times, insurance adjusters try to deny liability or place more blame on the victim to avoid paying on the claim.

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