As Myrtle Beach car accident Attorney Dirk Derrick remembers, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina used to be busy only three months out of the year as he grew up along the strand, and the rest of the year, it was a ghost town. Today, Myrtle Beach is busy year-round with many vacationers and snow birds coming down at any point to visit the beaches and enjoy places like Broadway at the Beach and other popular tourist spots.

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While the tourism and population have increased, the road systems have not grown to accommodate the large influx of drivers on the road. Combine that with drivers who are distracted, impatient, or maybe driving under the influence, and there is a recipe for serious car accidents.

Across the state, there were 941 fatal traffic accidents in 2016 alone. This number is very shocking and South Carolina State Troopers began a Target Zero campaign to reduce the amount of yearly traffic deaths to zero.

In Myrtle Beach, accidents happen every day. If this happens to you and you are seriously injured, it could disrupt your life with doctor visits, rising medical bills, and possibly missed time from work.

Frequently Asked Questions From Myrtle Beach Car Accident Victims

How do I get my medical bills paid after my car accident?

If you are the victim in an accident and are seriously injured, you will need medical treatment and care. If the accident is another driver's fault, they are liable to pay for your medical treatment and the damage to your vehicle through their insurance policy.

The challenge with being injured in an accident, is that you cannot be reimbursed for your expenses throughout your treatment by the at-fault driver's insurance. Once you are done seeing doctors and being treated, you must submit all of your medical bills at the end of your case to be reimbursed for the damages. This happens because insurance companies are not legally obligated to pay you as you incur medical expenses.

Insurance companies use this information to their advantage because many people cannot afford to pay all the medical bills that come with being hurt in an accident. As bills get higher, victims are more likely to settle for a lower amount to pay off the expenses they have incurred instead of waiting to get the full value of their case. When times get tough and a person who was hurt in a car accident feels like the insurance company is not looking out for them .

But won't the insurance adjuster look out for my best interests after my accident?

An insurance adjuster may give you some helpful responses in regards to your claim but ultimately, an insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, and they are working for the company's best interests, not yours.

There are questions you may ask the adjuster about your claim that will tell you if you really are "in good hands."

You could ask if they will put in writing that you were not at fault in the accident and to give you notification of all the insurance coverage available before offering you a settlement. You could also ask that if they require you to sign a medical authorization form, that they will only seek information related to this accident and not all of your medical history in an attempt to weaken your claim.

Most, if not all, insurance adjusters will refuse to put that information in writing, nor will they willingly give you any additional information about your claim. 

Do I need a Car Accident Attorney in Myrtle Beach, SC?

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Because Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas receive a lot of tourists throughout the year, many of them are involved in the accidents that occur. Those victims return home to continue their medical care and when they realize they may need the help of a car accident attorney, they want a lawyer to help them along the way.

Many attorneys will tell clients that they should hire an attorney in the state where their accident occurred because those attorneys know the laws of that state as well as the opinions of potential jurors at court. Derrick Law Firm Injury Lawyers has served Myrtle Beach, South Carolina since 1991.

Have You Been Injured In A Charleston South Carolina Area Car Accident?

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