Obtaining compensation after suffering injuries in a crash can make all the difference for accident victims. Missed work, incoming medical bills, adjustments to home life, and replacing or repairing a vehicle all require serious financial considerations. Victims and their families are already dealing with the pain and stress of a serious injury, so worrying about how to address all these new challenges can be overwhelming. Getting the most from your Myrtle Beach Accident Injury insurance claim The Derrick Law Firm

7 Ways an Attorney Can Help With Your Claim

A personal injury claim can provide compensation to help accident victims and their families remain stable, but it is not always a simple matter to obtain it. Too often, victims settle their claim for much less than they deserve, or simply give up altogether. An experienced legal team, however, can ensure that victims’ rights are protected. To maximize the compensation awarded to an injury victim, a knowledgeable, effective attorney will:

Obtain Evidence of Fault.

Proving that the other driver is at fault for your accident may seem straightforward, but the insurance company and the at-fault driver himself will likely look for any opportunity to shift blame. In South Carolina, the level of fault does affect compensation. Injury victims are able to obtain compensation equivalent to the other driver’s degree of fault. So, when victims are assigned even a small degree of responsibility, it can negatively impact compensation. For example, if a victim is awarded $100,000 but is deemed to be 10 percent responsible for the crash, he would only receive $90,000. The loss of that compensation can make a significant difference for victims and their families. An experienced attorney can investigate to find the evidence that will strengthen your claim.

Obtain Evidence of Injury.

The main tenet of a personal injury claim is that the victim did, in fact, suffer damages. A knowledgeable lawyer knows what type of evidence of injury is necessary to put forward a comprehensive claim. An attorney can help victims retain important evidence and counsel them to avoid behaviors that could be used as evidence against them, including social media use or talking to an insurance adjuster.

Ensure Care Providers Are Aware of Claim.

It’s important for care providers to be informed about a legal claim to make sure they properly document every visit, diagnosis, and treatment plan. When victims need compensation to move forward, they need the cooperation and understanding of their care team, who can provide crucial evidence through records and testimony.

Fully Value the Claim.

Understanding exactly how much your claim is worth can be complex. Obviously, insurance companies will seek to reduce the amount of compensation awarded as much as possible. An attorney can be a knowledgeable advocate who will consider all the consequences of your injury and determine an amount that will adequately protect injury victims. This will take into account current medical and lost wages, future medical care, future lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company.

Insurance companies are businesses who are out to save themselves as much money as possible. They will not immediately offer victims all the compensation to which they are entitled. An experienced attorney knows what his client deserves, and he likely has experience working with these companies. This knowledge can go a long way toward the outcome for the injury victim.

Negotiate With Lien Holders.

Even after a settlement has been awarded, there is still work to do. Third parties may seek to obtain a portion of your settlement, and an experienced lawyer can protect your compensation if a hospital or other care provider seeks reimbursement. An attorney can negotiate with both to reduce or eliminate the amount owed, retaining more of your settlement for your care and future.

Ease the Burden of Accident Victims.

Seeing a claim through from beginning to end and obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible can be a frustrating process. Accident victims and their families are already dealing with a significant amount of stress, and it’s understandable when they want to settle for less than they deserve just to get the money sooner. Most victims have little experience with the process, and they are eager to get back to a normal life. An attorney can bear some of this burden by taking phone calls, tracking down paperwork, meeting deadlines, and providing confident guidance.

Compensation after a car accident provides vital medical care and the financial stability victims need to recover as fully as possible. When another person’s negligence leaves you or someone you love with serious injuries, you should be able to obtain all the compensation you deserve.  Our experienced attorneys can help Myrtle Beach victims achieve that goal. 

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