How to Hire a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Your Myrtle Beach Injury Claim

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Finding the right lawyer to handle your workers’ compensation claim can feel like a daunting task when you’re trying to manage your physical injury and its effect on your life. However, even though you face a stressful time, there are ways to find a reliable, effective attorney that will help you with your claim.  

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Finding a Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Many workers have never had to navigate the workers’ compensation system or use an attorney. However, there are many resources that can be helpful, including:

Family And Friends

Injured workers may be surprised to find that many family members and friends have had to use the services of an attorney for a variety of legal claims. Ask the people in your life if they’ve worked with a lawyer and to provide the names of those they liked working with. 

Local Bar Association 

Every state and many towns have local bar associations. A bar association is a professional group for attorneys that provides information on various topics related to the field. The local groups typically offer a directory of names and contact information for local lawyers.

Internet Search 

A simple internet search can provide information about local lawyers who offer workers’ compensation services. It’s important to search carefully and make sure that the attorney or firm is, in fact, right for you.

Regardless of how you initially find an attorney, it’s important to do a little extra research. Make sure the lawyer is licensed to practice in your state, and check to make sure there are no disciplinary actions against him. This information often can be found on the state bar association website.

Ask Questions

Once you’ve found the name of a workers’ comp attorney, it’s a good idea to meet with him to discuss your situation and ask questions. Some helpful questions include:

  • How long have you been practicing law in South Carolina?
  • How much experience do you have with the state workers’ compensation system?
  • Is workers’ comp your main area of practice?
  • Who will be working on my case?
  • How do you approach communication between attorney and client?
  • What is your fee structure?
  • How long do you expect my case to take?

Come prepared with your questions written down, and take notes for follow-up questions. These will help you make an informed decision after your initial communication.

Develop a Positive Working Relationship With Your Lawyer

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Workers’ compensation claims can be very personal. Your health information is shared, and the process can be trying. Additionally, the outcome of the claim can have a significant impact on your future and that of your family. It’s important to have confidence that your attorney is up to the task, as well feel comfortable and at ease with him. The rapport developed between lawyer and client can go a long way in making this experience a positive one.

While the process may seem overwhelming, it can be quite simple. Most workers’ compensation attorneys offer free, no-obligation consultations, so injured employees can learn more about a lawyer in a brief, no-pressure environment. 

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