It may seem unlikely that bartenders get hurt on the job; however, they experience work-related injuries just as other employees do. Standing for long periods of time, repetitive movements, handling glass, and walking on slippery floors can all be the cause of work injuries. Even if the injury is minor, a bartender may still be unable to perform his work tasks and need workers’ compensation benefits. 
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If you were injured while bartending, a skilled South Carolina workers’ comp attorney can assist you in receiving the maximum possible benefits and/or appealing a denied claim. 

Frequent Myrtle Beach Bartender Injuries 

Common bartender work injuries often result from repetitive motions such as stirring, shaking, and lifting. However, there are other ways bartenders get injured. You may need help from a lawyer navigating the workers’ compensation system if you’ve sustained: 
Head injuries from improperly stored bottles falling down or direct collisions with open cupboards
Cuts from slicing fruit or cleaning up broken glass
Broken bones or spinal injuries from falls when non-slip mats aren’t properly placed and maintained 
Burns from igniting high alcohol content drinks or spilling heated sugar
Skin injuries from chemicals used in cleaning products 
Injured shoulders from shaking cocktails or moving heavy equipment
Back injuries 
Other repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel
An attorney can assist you with a denied claim and help ensure you receive fair compensation. 

How a Myrtle Beach Attorney Can Help 

The workers’ compensation program includes a number of restrictions and limitations you may not be aware of that can severely impact your out-of-pocket expenses.
For instance, with the exception of severe immediate care required such as an emergency room visit or emergency surgery, South Carolina law requires injured workers to seek care from a physician approved by their employer. If you don’t go to a doctor approved by your boss, the cost of medical treatment likely won’t be covered. It’s possible to request a different physician or medical facility if you don’t receive the level of care you want, but it could help to have a Myrtle Beach workers’ compensation attorney work with you on that. Our legal team is on your side to assist in the following if necessary:
Requesting a doctor change with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission 
Avoiding common mistakes that might interfere with receiving benefits 
Answering questions about your eligibility for workers’ compensation 
Offering advice on documenting your injuries and following doctor orders
Filing an appeal if your claim was denied
Handling communications with insurance companies that may not want to pay for ongoing care
Providing consultation on signing documents and handling settlement offers that may not be in your best interest
Even if your workers’ compensation claim is approved, you may not be receiving or utilizing the full benefits you are owed. We recommend having an attorney to ensure you receive fair benefits.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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