Do you need an attorney?

The answer can vary...maybe, or maybe not, or maybe you need "advice only" from a lawyer. Your specific circumstances will determine (1) if you need a lawyer, and if so, (2) to what extent.

Scenario 1: A serious car accident with substantial injuries, broken bones or fatality.

Yes. An attorney will investigate the accident, collect records and bills, obtain statements from both witnesses and doctors, retain necessary experts and make sure all applicable liability coverages, umbrella coverages, uninsured motorist coverages, under insured motorist coverages and/or med-pay coverages are discovered. Insurance adjusters have neither the legal obligation nor the financial incentives to look out for you best interest. 

Scenario 2: A fender bender car accident and the victim is diagnosed with having whiplash or muscle stains and sprains.

In some cases, only advice from an attorney necessary. In these cases, the injured party may recover quickly and be 100% after 2-6 weeks. However, in other cases a lawyer may be needed. Other individuals may fail to get well and after additional medical testing discover they have a herniated disk or a fracture or any other injury that would require additional treatment.

In cases such as this scenario, when victims do not know if the case needs to be given fully to an attorney, we offer an alternative called "Advice Only" representation. A beginning consultation is provided, instructions, forms, a "Things Not to Do" list and another consultation prior to settlement.

This is offered at the Derrick Law Firm for less than half of the contingency fee. This often results in the victim not waiving important rights and keeping more settlement funds. If it develops into a more serious case, the agreement can be amended to a normal full service legal contract.

In either scenario, feel free to give the Personal Injury Lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm a call today. You can set up a free consultation to determine which path you need to take in regards to your accident and your injuries. Call today at 843-248-7486.