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Charleston, South Carolina is a very busy city with various kinds of traffic. Between locals driving their daily commute, to trucks on the interstate, and motorcycles cruising, the roads are heavily trafficked.

Many ride motorcycles as their main source of transportation while others ride for pleasure. Between all of the traffic, accidents are bound to happen. Those riding a motorcycle often see much worse injuries and damages when they are in an accident and unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents happen all the time.

When drivers are obeying the laws and paying attention, less accidents will happen.

Are South Carolina traffic laws different for motorcycles?

Motorcycle laws in South Carolina are very similar to the laws for cars. Bikers must follow all the laws that a car driver would follow but have a few more requirements. The initial difference is that bikers must obtain a South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Class M license in order to ride.

Drivers under the age of 21 must also wear a helmet in South Carolina. Those who are over the age of 21 are not required to wear a helmet although they prove to be helpful and reduce injuries in many accidents. If you ride motorcycles, it is highly recommended that you wear a helmet because you never know if it could save your life.

For other motorcycle laws and regulations, you may find a copy of the SC Motorcycle Manual inside the SC Driver's Manual online or at your local DMV.

What if I am in a motorcycle accident in Charleston, South Carolina?

If you are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you may need a Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to help you get the benefits you need following the traumatic event.

The Derrick Law Firm has handled motorcycle accidents in South Carolina since 1991 and has the knowledge and work ethic to get you the value of your case. They evaluate your case thoroughly and make sure they are aware of all insurance policies available before settling your claim. While The Derrick Law Firm strives to settle your case in a timely manner, they ensure no stone is left unturned when evaluating your medical records and bills and fully investigate every aspect of the case.

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