Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and has grown its population and popularity over the years. In addition to being home to many residents, Murrells Inlet has a large tourism industry that brings travelers from across the country to experience its historical landmarks, the hospitable people, and to try the vast scope of cuisine it has to offer.

As with any major city, the roadways are busy with folks hurrying to work, those on vacation, and those who are not paying attention or maybe even being reckless. The later of the drivers mentioned are typically the at fault drivers in car accidents. Not all accidents are devastating but many car accidents cause serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment, cause high medical bills, and even lost time at work. When this happens, many drivers are not sure how to handle the aftermath.

What should I do after I am in a car accident in Charleston, South Carolina?

Many people never think about what they would do in the event they are in a car accident, especially if they are seriously injured. The most basic things people should do after an accident include the following:

  • Contact 911 to report your accident. If you or others are injured, let them know you need medical attention.
  • If you are injured, let the first responders examine you and/or take you to the local emergency room for a further evaluation.
  • In the event there are witnesses to the accident, ask them to speak with the officer on scene or ask for their contact information.
  • You will receive an FR-10 report from the officer on the scene. Take this to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Do I need a Charleston Car Accident Attorney for my auto and injury claim?

A lot of accidents happen along busy highways in Charleston, and whether it occurs along Highway 17 or another highway, different circumstances determine whether you need an attorney for your case or not.

Fender benders and parking lot accidents typically do not cause more than property damage to a vehicle. Cases like these with no, or very little, injuries can be handled by the parties involved without the need of an attorney. For accidents where the victim party has significant injuries, went to the ER, needs continued medical care, and/or the at fault driver's insurance company is denying liability, victims probably need an accident lawyer. More detailed cases can become very complicated and having an attorney that knows the laws of the state can be crucial to get all of the benefits you need.

Because Charleston has many visitors, people are in accidents are not always local. For those visiting the Charleston area who are hurt in an accident contact a Charleston Accident Lawyer because they are familiar with South Carolina laws and the people of South Carolina in the event a case goes to trial. Most attorneys will tell you that to consult an attorney where the accident occurred.

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Have You Been Injured In A Charleston South Carolina Area Car Accident?

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