Signing medical authorizations for the adjuster

The insurance adjuster may ask you to sign papers regarding the case in order for them to pay the claim. However, these medical authorizations allow the insurance company to look at your lifetime medical history and use what they find in the past to deny your present injuries.

Giving a recorded statement to the adjuster

An adjuster may ask you for a recorded statement, but understand that the adjuster knows the law and legal consequences of you making certain statements. Innocent statements can be used against you because of your lack of knowledge.

Signing a release of any kind

If you sign a release, you are prevented from obtaining underinsured motorist coverage and perhaps some additional liability coverages, even when you would have otherwise been entitled to them.

Accepting an offer based on the adjuster saying the amount offered is all the liability insurance available on the at-fault vehicle

This may be true, but not entirely. The other driver may have umbrella coverage or coverage under his/her own policy if he/she was not driving his/her own vehicle or if the driver was working at the time of the accident.

Believing that insurance adjusters are looking out for your interests because they spend millions telling you so in television ads

Your insurance adjuster may assure you that no attorney is necessary. However, insurance companies are more likely to pay those people represented by attorneys more than those unrepresented.

Insurance companies use several methods to you to take less than the value of your case:

  • Offering you quick money before you know the extent of your injuries
  • Delaying your claim to wear you down
  • Requesting unnecessary information
  • Objecting to medical treatment prescribed by a doctor
  • Dragging your case out beyond the time period
  • Misrepresenting or failing to explain the insurance coverages available


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