While every case is different and trial lawyers come into the case at different times after a personal injury has occurred, a personal injury trial attorney will be experienced in and capable of the doing the following if necessary:

  • Initial interview with the client to obtain facts concerning the accident and the injuries
  • Educate the client about the process
  • Obtain the police report and special investigative reports that were performed regarding the accident
  • Obtain medical records and bills from doctors the client has seen
  • Contact and interview any potential witnesses disclosed by the client, the accident report or any other additional witnesses
  • Get a copy of the client's insurance policy and determine the amount of coverage applicable to the wreck
  • Obtain photographs of the accident scene and vehicles
  • Talk to the client's physicians in order to answer necessary legal questions to make their opinions admissible in court
  • Obtain the client's lost wage information and salary verification from his or her employer
  • Review client's health insurance policy to determine amount of money the plan should pay
  • Determine amount and validity of liens claimed by medical providers and health insurance carriers
  • Put the liability insurance carrier on notice of claim and client's own insurance on notice of any potential claims
  • Decide if the personal injury claim is a case that will be developed or if a law suit needs to be filed immediately
  • Contact, meet and discuss with the client an analysis of the case and legal issues
  • File any necessary claim forms
  • Conduct negotiations with an insurance adjuster in order to settle the claim
  • Make a recommendation as to settlement value
  • Obtain authorization for the client to make a first offer
  • Prepare a Summons and Complaint, and other items to be included in the litigation
  • Take depositions of the Defendant and witnesses and prepare client for his/her deposition
  • Prepare and organize records, documents and evidence to be included at trial
  • Conduct research, write briefs and file motions for evidence 
  • Try the case
  • Analyze jury verdict and discuss validity of appealing by either party with client
  • Negotiate medical bills for the client

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