In a recent case, the Court of Appeals instructed the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (SCWCC) to calculate an injured intern’s weekly wage by the formula applied to the cases of:

  • Volunteer firefighters
  • Volunteer rescue teams
  • Volunteer law officers
  • Work-study students in high schools/colleges
  • Apprentices

Their wages are calculated as a designated percentage of the average weekly wage in the state for the previous fiscal year. 

Primary Beneficiary Test

In 2018, the Department of Labor (DOL) laid out a primary beneficiary test to determine whether an intern should be considered an employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The seven factors upon which such a decision should be made are:

  • Whether there is an express or implied promise of compensation for the intern
  • Whether the intern receives on-the-job training/education
  • Whether the duties of the intern are connected to a formal education course/result in academic credit
  • Whether the duration of the internship is determined by the intern’s academic calendar
  • Whether the internship lasts only long enough for the intern to receive training/education
  • Whether the intern’s duties displace or complement the duties of regular paid workers
  • Whether the employer and intern anticipate that the intern will be hired as a regular employee at the end of the internship

The primary beneficiary test is not a binding law but rather a suggested means by which courts can determine from case to case whether an intern is an employee for the purposes of workers’ comp. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and District Court for the District of South Carolina adopted an earlier version of this test to rule on disputed workers’ comp claims filed by interns, so it’s likely the same or a similar test will be used in future cases.

The Benefits Of A Workers' Compensation Lawyer

With so many different factors affecting an intern’s status as an employee/non-employee and the various means of calculating lost wages in an intern’s workers’ comp claim, the lawyers working for the employer’s insurance company can use complex logic and confusing strategies to dispute/deny your claim. 

These attorneys know that the average person is unlikely to posses their level of knowledge that they do and is no match for them when it comes to negotiation, especially if that person is recovering from work-related injuries and possibly in pain and/or on medication. They also know you may be unlikely to appeal the case to the SCWCC, Court of Appeals, or Supreme Court without legal representation. Having an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your side, however, can level the playing field and provide valuable knowledge.

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