recorded statement to insurance company Derrick Law FirmAfter a truck accident, you’re likely to hear from the carrier’s insurance company pretty quickly. An insurance adjuster will probably call, and he will be friendly and understanding of your situation. This does not mean, however, that he has your interests at heart. 

At the end of the day, insurance companies are businesses. They are out to save themselves as much money as possible. So, it’s important to be wary when talking to adjusters or any insurance company representative. They will try many tactics to gain leverage that will reduce your compensation.

Recorded Statements Are a Bad Idea After a Myrtle Beach Truck Accident

One common approach adjusters use is to convince an accident victim to provide a recorded statement. While the adjuster may present the request as simple and harmless, it can have devastating consequences for an injury claim. 

During the recorded statement, the adjuster for the at-fault driver will try to gain as much information from the victim as possible and search for information that can later be used to minimize the claim. While an accident victim is not a criminal and is not under arrest, what they say can and will be used against them in negotiations.

While those who are injured may need to cooperate to provide basic information to an insurance company, they are under no obligation to provide a recorded statement. If an insurance adjuster is pressuring you to record a statement, simply refuse. 

We Can Help When Insurance Companies Call About Your Myrtle Beach Accident

Dealing with the pressure from an insurance company can be stressful when you are already worried about your injuries, missed work, family responsibilities, and more. It’s understandable that many victims fall prey to this common insurance company tactic. Most injury victims have little experience in this type of situation, and they may not have a full understanding of their rights. 

This is when an injury attorney can help. An experienced lawyer can explain your rights and responsibilities clearly, identify insurance company tactics, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. 

Have You Been Injured In A South Carolina Area Truck Accident?

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