Can a lawyer help get me compensation from an insurance company delaying my accident claim?

After a Myrtle Beach accident caused by a negligent driver, you probably expect your insurance company to have you covered. Whether dealing with your own carrier or the at-fault driver’s insurance company, the last thing you expect is a denied claim.
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When you’re already grappling with the pain of an accident and potentially lost wages, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing out on compensation during this difficult time. If an insurance provider denied your South Carolina auto, motorcycle, or truck accident claim, our experienced attorneys can walk you through your legal options.

How a Myrtle Beach Accident Attorney Helps With Denied Claims

Insurance is supposed to be there when you need it most. However, insurance companies only make money if they don’t pay out claims or if they pay out smaller amounts than they take in through premiums.
After denying your claim, many insurance companies hope you won’t take the matter further, and they may not be particularly helpful in explaining why your claim was denied in the first place. A skilled Myrtle Beach accident attorney can help guide you through the process of appealing an insurance denial by:
Reviewing your policy to ensure the carrier adequately covers your accident
Investigating why the claim was denied to determine next steps in an appeal
Acquiring medical documents to show the injury wasn’t a pre-existing condition
Gathering supporting evidence to strengthen your case
Collecting police statements to show the other driver was at fault
Handling all communication with the insurance company and negotiating on your behalf while you are recovering
With an attorney’s help, you may be able to appeal the denial and receive a payout or possibly show the insurer acted in bad faith. In that case, a lawsuit may be necessary, and our skilled legal team can help.

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