Many clients ask how much their personal injury case is worth before anything else. This is one of the most commonly asked questions but also one of the most difficult to answer without taking a look at all the evidence of the case.

Each case is different and a value cannot be decided without knowing all the details of your medical records and bills, the facts concerning the accident itself, and even any potential punitive damages.

There are three types of compensation a client with a personal injury might receive:

  1. Economic damages include medical bills and lost wages.
  2. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering as well as loss of enjoyment of life.
  3. Punitive damages occur in circumstances where the at-fault party exhibits gross negligence and/or recklessness and are meant to "punish" and deter an at-fault party from engaging or allowing the damaging behavior to occur again.

If you are hurt by the actions of another in South Carolina, you may have a personal injury claim and need a Personal Injury Lawyer to protect your rights. 

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