More Than One Insurance Claim

Unlike an accident involving two cars, for which one motorist is usually at fault, a truck-car crash could result from negligence on the part of more than one responsible party, including:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The truck manufacturer
  • A parts manufacturer
  • A repair service
  • A shipper or broker
  • Cargo loading personnel

This means you might be able to seek compensation from more than one insurer.

Why You Might Need an Attorney

Having more than one party to hold liable for your damages in a crash with a semi-truck makes you more likely to get fair compensation than you would be if only one insurer is liable. It also means, however, that the claims process becomes very complicated. You must determine the percentage of fault each defendant bears, assign a monetary value to that percentage, find out what kind and how much insurance coverage each defendant has, and file claims demanding different amounts of compensation from different insurance companies, any one of which could dispute your claim.

If reasonable settlement offers are not forthcoming, you might have to file lawsuits against multiple defendants and fight in court for fair compensation. Most truck crash victims are not up to such tasks even on a good day. Insurance adjusters and their attorneys might think you are not likely to go to court and may offer you a quick, unfairly low settlement. A lawyer on your side, however, will work to obtain a fair and just settlement or award for you.

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