Will Worker's Compensation cover my bills if I lose a body part?

Although many jobs do not involve danger or activities that would cause severe injury, work injuries happen and can be minor or major. If you are on the job and lose, or lose use of, a part of the body that leaves you disabled, you will be compensated through the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission.

Workers Compensation law does not provide for pain and suffering, but has placed values on almost every conceivable body part.  Scheduled injuries include, but are not limited to injuries to the “fingers, toes, hand, arm, foot, leg, eye, vision, hearing, back, and certain disfigurements.” This means each body part is worth a certain amount of money determined by the commission.

Regulations under the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act not only cover injuries but actual losses resulting from an injury on the job. For example, loss of hearing or vision, or the amputation of a finger, toe, etc… is included under the act.

Psychological injuries are not listed as scheduled losses, but are still covered under Worker’s Compensation law.

Because workers' compensation laws are very complex, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney that knows the laws of South Carolina Workers' Compensation. You may not be receiving all of the benefits you need and have a right to if you handle the claim on your own.

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