What Benefits are Injured Employees Entitled to in South Carolina

If you are injured on the job in South Carolina, you may qualify for Worker’s Compensation benefits. There are five types of benefits that you may be entitled to depending on the facts of your case. Those include: temporary disability, permanent disability, death, disfigurement, and medical benefits.  Temporary Disability is compensation you are entitled to after an accident while you are receiving treatment.  Temporary Disability comes in two forms: Temporary Total if you are totally unable to work, and Temporary Partial if you can work but not as much as before the injury.   Permanent Disability is available to those who have a permanent impairment to a body part after receiving all available medical treatment and being released by your treating physician.  Death Benefits are entitled to family members of workers killed on the job.  Disfigurement benefits are available for certain disfigurements. Medical benefits include treatment and medication for work related injuries.   Every case is different and the benefits available depend on the circumstances of each case.  If you have been injured in Conway, Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach and are interested in a Myrtle Beach Workers Compensation Attorney,  please call Myrtle Beach and Conway attorney Dirk Derrick, of the Derrick Law Firm, at 843-248-7486 for a free consultation.

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