The summer heat allows for many fun activities for families but also creates a dangerous scenario if a child is left in a car. This applies to pets as well!

Temperature can rise very quickly, even on cool days.

According to the Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, on a day where the temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature can rise 30-40 degrees in an hour. Most of that happens within the first 30 minutes.

A person can experience a heatstroke if their body temperature reaches 104 degrees.

If you see a child, or pet, in a hot car, call 911 immediately. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says, if you can see that a child is in a hot car and is in distress, get them out as quickly as possible.

For many people, leaving or forgetting a child in the car is not a failure of love, but a failure of the memory. Give yourself reminders that there is a child in the car.

Things like putting your purse or briefcase in the back seat, putting the diaper bag in the front seat, or leaving any other essential item next to the child seat so you are forced to retrieve it and not forget the child is a good habit to conduct.

Another way to keep children from being in a hot car, is to always keep it locked, even at home. A child may be curious, climb into the car and then be unable to get out. Keep these doors secure to prevent any unfortunate happenings.

Over 700 children have died due to being left in a hot car over the past 20 years. Help end these preventable deaths by being proactive and taking measures to never forget your child.

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