Man Sues CHESCO for Alleged Wrongful Death of Brother

In May 2014, Michael Farrow was found dead in his room at CHESCO Services' Community Training Home in Pageland, South Carolina.

Michael lived at the facility for 12 years before he passed. His brother, David Farrow, of Charleston, believes his death was caused by neglect and has since filed suit against CHESCO Services and the S.C. Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.

Michael's caretaker, Roxanne Johnson, has been charged with abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult resulting in death.

During one night of care, Johnson entered Farrow's room and saw him lying on the floor. Because she could not lift him, she left him there. Several hours later, the morning caregiver found him unresponsive and not breathing. The coroner noted he had been "expired for several hours." He also noted Michael had a burn or thermal wound on his inner thigh as well as toxic levels of the drug Fluvoxamine, which is used to treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

The report notes cause of death as "probable seizure" and drug overdose by homicide.

Brother, David, has since requested a jury trial for actual, constructive, and punitive damages.

His wrongful death attorney has declined to comment on the case while it is pending.

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