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Our attorneys share their knowledge of personal injury law and specific case outcomes in this legal blog. Read our posts to learn more about what to do when you have been injured by another person’s negligence, whether in a car or boat accident or on the job. We provide the details you need to better understand your situation following a serious accident. We strive to offer topics of interest to anyone looking to learn more about their rights as an injured victim and how the legal process can help them seek justice. If you have questions about anything you read in our blog, feel free to connect with us through our website.

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  • SC Passenger Airlifted to McLeod after car accident A passenger was seriously injured in a car accident and was airlifted to McLeod Hospital. The passenger needed a personal injury attorney and The Derrick Law Firm settled the case.
  • Georgetown 3 Car Accident with Injuries A client was stopped in traffic on US 17 when they were rear-ended and pushed into the car ahead. The client hurt their neck and needed medical care. DLF settled their case.
  • Cates Bay Car Accident Injures Two A one car accident seriously injured both a driver and passenger due to the passenger's recklessness. Derrick Law Firm settled the case prior to trail in SC.
  • Personal Injury Claim Myrtle Beach SC When a client was rear ended in Conway SC, they needed Derrick Law Firm to get their medical bills paid and their case settled. The case was settled before trial.
  • Conway Car Accident Highway 501 After being rear-ended by a car on highway 501 in Conway, SC, our client was seriously injured and needed surgery. The Derrick Law Firm was able to get him the treatment he needed.
  • Myrtle Beach Client Rear-Ended by Drunk Driver After being rear-ended by a drunk driver, our client suffered serious injuries. The Derrick Law Firm settled his case for full insurance policy limits.
  • Shoulder Surgery Needed in Workers' Comp Case After being seriously injured at work, a Myrtle Beach woman needed shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. The Derrick Law Firm settled her case.
  • Conway Man Suffers Work Injury While moving heavy furniture on the job, a young man hurt his neck and was required to go to light duty and seek medical care. Conway Workers Comp Attorney Derrick closed out his case.
  • Conway Rear-end Accident Injures Minor When a distracted driver rear-ended another car, a 6-year-old boy was injured and taken to the ER for neck and back pain. The Derrick Law Firm settled his accident claim.
  • Teen Driver Injured in Conway Car Accident After being hit in a car accident, our client suffered back pain and was diagnosed with a lumbar strain. Car accident Attorney Mulet was able to settle his case.